car moving

Car moving is simple when you understand the process and do your homework on each company.  However, whether you are moving a car to the next state or you are moving it from one coast to another, understanding what you should ask and what you need to know will make the entire process much clearer for you.

Car Moving Tips:

  1. When moving a car be sure you get several quotes from REPUTABLE companies.  We emphasize reputable because there are many fly by night firms that will quote prices to you and make promises that they cannot keep.  For example, if you have only been in business for one year, you really do not have much to worry about when it comes keeping your word.  You trust companies who have been in business for years, why?  You trust them because they have a reputation to protect, and the same is true when you are searching for help in moving a car.
  2. Now that you have narrowed down 3 – 5 reputable companies, get quotes from them.  Generally you will find that reputable companies will have similar price points, but once you have narrowed down to those companies you can make a choice of which you feel most comfortable with and which price you like.
  3. Planning for a move generally is best done no more than 3 weeks ahead of time.  This reason this is important is that the price of fuel and demand on a given route will change.  Those changes will effect your overall price so if you get a quote 2 months ahead of time, you will have to redo it as you get closer to the date to moving the car.
  4. Avoid prepaying deposits, generally reputable car moving companies will not require you to prepay a deposit.  The reason is that these companies will keep their word from what they quoted you for the price of moving a car.  There are unfortunately companies that make a significant amount of money on misleading people by quoting low prices and charging deposits and never moving the car.  By doing that, they are able to collect 100-150 deposits from people on the hopes that the customers will not try to get their refund and will just move on.  Or that the customers will just have to fight to get payment refunded to their credit card.  Either way, it is not a route the people find enjoyable, so avoid prepaying deposits.
  5. The final tip to consider when moving a car is be certain you do not plan on packing your car while it is in transit.  A common  misconception is that you can pack your car with as many items as you want.  This is not true.  Something to consider is that on a 10 car trailer when everyone is putting 150lbs, the total becomes 1,500 which is almost the weight of a small car.  For that reason it is key to not pack your car when you are planning for moving a car.

Give us a call and we will be happy to get a quote for you.  If you have any additional questions feel free to ask our staff.