car transfer

Car transfer can be a very easy process if you choose the right company to help you.  Unfortunately for consumers it is not always a smooth process because select companies take advantage by making promises they cannot keep and therefore tainting peoples feelings about the industry.  Most companies in this industry transfer cars throughout the United States, so you never need to worry about what state they are based in, as often times that is irrelevant to the actual transportation of your vehicle.  One of the most important things you can do is to chose a reputable company to help you with the process.  Throughout this site you will see reference to certain key elements and tips to make the process smoother.  We are not by any means the only reputable company in the industry, but doing your homework can make the choices much simpler to make.

Try getting quotes directly from car transfer companies, be careful about companies who promise you quotes from 7 to 10 different companies.  This may result in more legwork on your part searching companies online, however, generally if you are finding them naturally on Google they have been there longer.  When you chose a “get 10 quotes” company they are selling your information and the reputation of those who they are selling your information to is really not an important issue to them.

After you have several quotes do you research on them; choosing the cheapest car transfer company is not always the best, this is an industry where you get what you pay for.  If you want your vehicle transfer to go smoothly the reliability of the companies can often be found on long standing unbiased websites like the Better Business Bureau.  These websites are better than review sites, because often review sites can be manipulated by the companies themselves.  An example is seeing a company who has been in business 6 months with lots of “they are the best” type reviews.  It just isn’t natural, where as a site like the BBB you won’t see reviews, but you can see validated complaints.  So, you can determine based on the size of the company and number of complaints, years in business and factors like that, if it is firm you want to work with.

The vehicle transfer process should be something like:

1. Get a quote

2. Compare reputation of companies and prices

3. Choose which company you want to move the car and setup booking

4. Load car and pay deposit

5. Pay driver on delivery the balance of the move.

The step people often skip is 2, and just compare prices.  Educate yourself on who is taking your car and you will feel more confident and have a more enjoyable move.