car transport scams

Beware of online transport reviews websites as often they are gateways for companies who are doing car transport scams.  The transport of your car is a stressful process and it is made even more stressful by the fact that there are certain companies who make their money by lying and stealing from consumers.  For that reason people look to sites that do transport reviews, however there is one major problem with these websites, anyone can write a review good or bad about any given company.  These transport review sites take measures to prevent this but there is no way to fully prevent this.  In fact, some customers are paid to write reviews and some companies actually hire people to write false reviews for them.  It also leaves it open for competing companies to write bad reviews about each other as there is really no verification process of WHO is writing the review and if they even transported a car.  However, in general companies who are hiring people to write reviews are generally hiring them to write positive reviews about their company and that is why you will often see multiple posts on a given day about what a great company they were.

This being said, it is extremely important to hire a transport company that is reputable.  It is also important to only get quotes from reputable companies because there are companies who make a habit of quoting prices low and then changing their prices once they have received a deposit from the consumer.  While there are multiple opinions on this matter we advise people to follow the following guidelines:

Check out the company who is quoting you on the Better Business Bureau.  Whether the company is part of the better business bureau or not is not that important.  What is key is the history of that company.   From the report you can see how many years the company has been in business and how many complaints they have.  If a company has numerous complaints and has been in business only 1-2 years or less you know that you are probably dealing with a fly-by-night company and it is better to not even bother getting a quote.  These companies tend to change their company name every year or two in order to get a “clean sheet” and the move on from there.

Don’t prepay a deposit.  When you have prepaid a company then you are committed to them and often have to fight to get your money back if they don’t preform in the manner they promised you.

If you follow the above two rules when you are looking at transport reviews you will be able to hopefully make an educated decision on who you want to use to transport your car and can avoid the scams that are out there.