door to door car transport

Door to door car transport is always a concern for people planning to utilize a car transport company.  The other option is to do what is called a terminal to terminal move.  There are benefits and advantages for both, and we are going to explain them here so you can figure out what is best for your needs.

The reality is that door to door cars transport is not always door to door because the trucks that do long distance hauling are very large and cannot always get into residential areas.  Most people understand that the trucks can’t get into their streets, but it is an important thing to know so you can think with where the truck will be able to safely get to that is close to your home.  In some instances the drivers will be willing to bring you back to your home or office and then drive the car back to the trailer to get it loaded.  This is not always an option, so it is best to plan for either walking back if it is only a block or getting a ride back from a friend.  This is the option most chosen by people as terminals can be quite far, but there are advantages…

Terminal transport can come in handy for people who are looking to have a car waiting for them when they arrive to a location.  For example, if you are moving to a city and planning to fly there and do not want to rent a car, your car can go to a terminal and you can take a taxi to the location and pickup your car.  In some instances, but not always,  this can be a cheaper option but in some cases it can be more expensive, just depends on the location.  Be careful of some companies who only do transport via terminals as they often migrate the cars and that can mean your transit time is significantly longer than is necessary.

When you are searching for a company to assist you with your door to door cars transport, be sure you do not only compare prices but compare reputability of the companies.  All too often consumers are mislead by door to door car transporters promising transit times or prices that are not realistic.  An easy way to prevent this is by doing a proper amount of research on who you are getting quotes from.  Looking companies up on review sites can be misleading, we always recommend the Better Business Bureau.  Your door to door car transport can be simple and easy if you hire a reputable company to do the move for you.

Whenever you are planning to make a move like this it is important than you leave some windows on both the pickup and delivery side to ensure the driver can accommodate you and you can plan accordingly.  Our drivers are planning around your schedule but also the schedule of multiple other people.  Therefore, we generally tell people to plan on a window for pickup and not a specific day.  Where possible we will do it on a specific day, but that is generally in very large cities where we have smaller local trucks who will come to your door to get your car.