How to Transport Cars

The cost to transport a car really varies on the size and distance, but the process of how to transport cars generally remains the same.

The first factor in the size; the cost to transport a car will always be more cheaper than if you have a truck or SUV.  This is not only because the weight and overall size is bigger, but because car transport trailers are setup in a way to only handle several of them.  So it really becomes an issue of supply and demand because you can load an entire car transporter with cars, but you can not do that with a SUVs or trucks.

The second factor in the cost to transport a car will be the distance travelled and the amount of cars on that given route.  If you are living in a remote area or not near a major US interstate, expect to pay a premium for them to come to you for delivery.  You may also hear that the company does not want to go to your location and may require you to meet them closer to the interstate.  While this may not be convenient for you, for a driver to drive 45 minutes away from the interstate really adds up costs, between his time and fuel for just your car and the fact that driver now has to drive another 45 minutes to continue his trip.

The third factor will be if you are on a “heavy haul” or “back haul.”  In trucking, there tends to be a certain direction where the cars are paying more because there is a high demand to go that direction.  This is not always the case but it is definitely a factor for certain given routes especially up and down the east cost of the US.  This their factor is often where it is dangerous to book your car transport with inexperienced car transport brokers.  They may not be aware of price changes and will give you a false price accidentally or on purpose if they trying to get your business and they are not reputable.

The information above is a bit of a behind the scenes look at how to transport cars, but we want you to understand the determining factors behind everything so you have more understanding.  In reality, your major concern should be with finding reputable companies to give you the cost to transport your car.  Let the professionals worry about the changes in the market with fuel costs, demand and your locations.  If you do your homework and research and get a reputable company you will have much less to worry about and don’t have to think about how to transport your car, just when it is going to arrive to its new destination.