move a car

There are a lot of ways to go about trying to move a car, some look for the cheapest, others look for the safest.  The reality is, when you need to get your car moved, most people do not know what to ask and what they need to know.  Something that we try to do is educate people on the industry so they can make an educated choice as to who they want to handle their car move, if it is not us, than at least they have a few options of other reliable companies.  Nothing can be more frustrating than getting a bunch of quotes and not knowing who is being honest and trying to balance the difference of getting a good price with getting a reliable company to handle everything for you.  There are really a few factors to consider so you can get a good balance.

Reliability, while it is a term that is commonly used by companies, but unfortunately in today’s society you can not take everything at face value.  Salesmen in this industry are notorious for telling people what they want to hear, so it is important that you do your own research when looking for someone to help you with your car move.  There are review sites, but unfortunately those are manipulated by some of the companies themselves.  Certain things that can not be easily changed are, how many years have they been in business and how many complaints have been filed against the company.  So using a third party, unbiased and site that is required to verify the information is a great option, such as the Better Business Bureau.  While you aren’t going to find any glowing reviews, or horror stories, you will see how long they have been in business and how many complaints have been filed agains them.  With that information you can start to decide if you feel comfortable with them helping you with your car move.

Comfort, when you call and speak to a representative at the company they should pickup the phone during normal hours.  You should not feel pressure from them to move a car with them.  They are providing you with a service, they should give you their price explain maybe why they are a good option for you and that is it.  Often companies push customers to pay now, for either a portion or all of their car move, and this is often a scam that is run on unsuspecting people who are often looking for the best deal.  The fact is there are thousands of cars being moved around the US every month, so the people who are offering you a “special deal” if you pay now are often not legitimate companies.  Take your time do your homework so when your car is picked up and on the way you feel confident that barring something unforeseen, it will make it there safely and on time.