Used Car Transport

If you are looking to figure out how much to transport a car, you came to the right place.  We are a car transport company and we move brand new cars, but we also do used car transport.  There are many factors to take in while you are hunting around the internet for quotes.  Focusing on prices is a common mistake, we are going to give you some basic facts here to considering when looking for this service.

Does size matter?

Unfortunately size does matter, and if cost is important to you than bigger is not better.  Larger cars such as SUVs, trucks and jeeps are generally only able to be loaded on the top deck of a car transporter.  For that reason, those spots are more expensive as there are a limited number of spots available and the weight of these vehicles is more.  This is important to keep in mind as if you have two trucks for example you generally will not be able to get a discount because you are taking to priority spots on the trailer.  However, if you are shipping to regular sedan cars, you will generally be able to get a small discount because of the convenience for the driver and moving two cars at one time is less work for those in the office.

Cost of the used car effect transport price?

If you are planning a used car transport or a new car transport it is not going to effect the price at all.  For example if you have a 1998 sedan or a 2004 sedan, and both are the same size, than your price will be the exact same.  It is a common misconception that the value of the car will effect the price, however, that will only be applicable for very high end cars as additional insurance will be required during transport.  So if that applies to you, your car will be being transported on an enclosed trailer anyway so the representative at the office will assist you with that.

How much to transport modified car?

If you are moving lowered cars it is generally much less of an issue than if it is a lifted vehicle.  If your car is lowered, keep in mind that if it is very low to the ground you run the risk of having the bottom portion of the car scraping.  Open car transporters are not built to handle low profile cars, they are built for standard vehicle dimensions.  Now, if you have a lifted vehicle the problem is that depending on the dimensions the cost to transport a lifted vehicle can be much more because it will eat into the space for the car below and sometimes fully eliminate the option to have another car there, so you will end up paying for two spots on the trailer.

Regardless of how much it is to transport a car, be sure you get a reputable company to quote you, or you may get wrong information on the actual cost.